Golden Harvest

On the Superbowl Sunday, I went to Golden Harvest, the 3rd best restaurant and the most reviewed restaurant according to Yelp. It is also known as “the best breakfast restaurant” in East Lansing at 9 in the morning. Although it was blizzarding(most schools in MI had snow day on the next day), there were many people lined up right outside of the restaurant. Interesting posts and decorations amused people while they were waiting in the line. I would not have minded waiting if it was summer time.

After waiting little bit over an hour, my friend and I got sat at the dining bar. We ordered 3 entree from the special board. I personally did not love the Blueberry French toast with warm lemon curd, because I did not like theĀ combination of sourness from lemon curd and french toast.


Ajishin – Novi, MI

Ajishin is one of the most authentic Japanese restaurant that I have visited. Great number of Japanese restaurants are owned by Korean people. However Ajishin is owned by Japanese restaurant, which makes the restaurant more authentic.

Unlike many other Japanese restaurant that I have been, Ajishin has thick slices of fish meat rather than thin slices with a big lump of rice in the bottom.

The most famous dish is a cold udon (thick Japanese style noodles) called Himuro(top left picture). It is a cold udon noodles with some fried shrimps, different kinds of vegetables and octopus sashimi, fresh salmon sashimi and some other fish sashimi with oriental flavored dressing on top. I could say it is a Japanese version of pasta salad, or udon salad!

The restaurant is very small, yet many people go there to eat. It is steady throughout the week, but it is extremely busy on weekends. Ajishin is open for dinner at 5 P.M. and people already line up by the door before the door is open. They take call aheads, but do not take any reservation.

Ajishin is located atĀ 42270 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48375

KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-02-09-23-33-20_33 KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-02-09-23-33-23_22 himuro